Staycation Lodges is a new private company We acquire, develop and manage Holiday Lodge developments across the UK. Our management team has extensive experience heading up large scale online travel companies. We also have a consultancy team who have completed over £2 billion of commercial development contracts in UK, Europe and USA. As safe as the stock market? Have you ever heard anyone say ‘as safe as the stock market’? Most likely not. Residential property however is a much less risky investment, whilst still having the highest reward of the major asset classes. On a total returns basis residential property has been the best performing investment asset in the UK over most time frames over the past thirty years and there has been no five-year period showing negative total returns since 1973. This means investing into this particular market is not only an attractive opportunity but there is also an additional benefit: property investment coupled with the booming staycation marketplace. The demand for quality UK-based staycation resorts has been growing rapidly since 2007, with many of these holiday resorts at maximum occupancy months in advance. Staycation Lodges is planning to build a number a lodge resorts throughout the UK. We are currently in the early stages of acquiring land and investigating joint ventures. Our aim is to have sites in Wales, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Devon, Scotland and the Cotswolds. Who are we? Property Investment Our growth plan