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Staycation Lodges Reviews

We have had no problems with Staycation at all, and have received the most recent newsletter. Unfortunately we are not able to take up the offer of going to stay in a lodge to test it out, which is a shame. We would have loved to.

Mr & Mrs Hart

Everything with Staycation is fine so far. We have received the updated newsletters letting us know the progress of the site which is good. Its good to be informed of what’s happening. We may follow through with the offer to stay there, but have not decided just yet.

Mr & Mrs Tarver

The development of the site looks like it is coming along nicely. The communication so far has been excellent, especially with the updated newsletters. I personally would not stay at Brigg Lodges, but only because my partner and I like to be very spontaneous and go on last minute trips away, otherwise we would definitely stay as it looks lovely. I am very curious to hear what the overall valuation of the site will be.

Mr Luck

I have found the information provided to me both at the meeting and the ongoing updates very informative.  I have been kept up to speed with how everything is going on site.  The first rental payment was paid to me very quickly and I look forward to the next payment.

Mr & Mrs Brewer

We received the first rental income within a few days of paying the capital contribution. We are away a lot so it’s nice to receive an update in the post when we get home.

Mr & Mrs Carey

It’s been a few months since I invested and everything so far has gone according to plan, I am looking forward to the phase completing so we can book a stay and check out the facilities.

Mr & Mrs Panton

We received over £5,000 within a week or two of investing.  Everyone has been helpful and there has always been someone to answer our questions when we have phoned.

Mr & Mrs Higginson

Basically I wanted to get involved as more people are holidaying at home in the UK with everything that’s happened abroad, so I thought it would be beneficial. Now I´m elderly it´s so hard to travel abroad and we have disabled son so it is easier to arrange holidays in the UK. Many other people are in the same position so UK accommodation is becoming more attractive.

Mr & Mrs Gardiner

Since becoming a Limited Partner I have received a rental payment and updates about how things are going, I appreciate being kept informed.

Mr & Mrs Williams

Everything with Staycation Lodges is looking good. We are actually planning to visit the site over the next couple of weeks just to have a look as we are only about 40 minutes away from Brigg. My wife Evelyn has actually requested to be a tester which was mentioned in the most recent newsletter. In actual fact we are more than happy to test it whenever is needed as it is right on our doorstep. We can easily be there and back in a day which is not the case for a lot of Limited Partners. Our son and daughter in law are interested in booking a stay in one of the lodges, due to it being a dog friendly holiday destination. That really is a bonus.

Mr & Mrs Jobling

At the start I didn’t really believe the Staycation Lodges were actually going to happen. I was worried and uncertain about it all but decided to go ahead anyway. I have received the most recent newsletter, and communication so far has been good. I’ve always managed to get hold of someone when needed.

Mr & Mrs Neale

The lodges look very nice. We received the latest newsletter and saw that it was possible for us to stay in a lodge. Unfortunately the time isn’t right for us, as I have used up my holiday entitlement at work, otherwise I would have loved to. The communication has been reasonable so far.

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson

I thought very seriously and took advice before investing, and look forward to receiving a good return.  I received my first rental income payment immediately, which was confidence inspiring.  I received the Autumn newsletter and feel assured about how things are moving forward.  We are looking forward to booking a stay once the site is finished.

Mr & Mrs Warren

At the meeting the information was clear and easy to understand.  I received my first rental income payment immediately.  Everything has been very professional and I have been kept up to date with the developments.

Mr & Mrs Green

Everything they explained at the meeting was clear and the newsletter coming through the post was a very helpful update.  I´m not sure if we will book a stay but we have recommended Staycation to our friends.  They like to travel with their dog and they struggle to find pet friendly accommodation.  I am very happy with the progression so far.

Mr & Mrs Huseyin

The first rent payment was transferred to me almost immediately and I can keep up to speed with progress on-line, the update information on the website is great.

Mr Zellner

I´m really pleased with the progress so far and rental was paid as expected without delay.  I am looking forward to the next newsletter. My granddaughter can´t wait to book, she´s excited to take her dog on holiday.

Ms Lonie

I´m happy with the process, I like being kept informed.  I´m looking forward to the next rental payment.

Mr Sanders