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Summer 2018 – Carr Island Development Newsletter

Staycation Lodges Development Progress Newsletter Summer 2018 After a muddy Spring, the sun has finally arrived and helped the development move forward. The contractors have fitted the beautiful decking and the hot tubs have arrived and are being installed as this...

Who are we?

Staycation Lodges is a new private company

We acquire, develop and manage Holiday Lodge developments across the UK.

Our management team has extensive experience heading up large scale online travel companies. We also have a consultancy team who have completed over £2 billion of commercial development contracts in UK, Europe and USA.

Our growth plan

Staycation Lodges is planning to build a number a lodge resorts throughout the UK. We are currently in the early stages of acquiring land and investigating joint ventures. Our aim is to have sites in Wales, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Devon, Scotland and the Cotswolds.

Property Investment

As safe as the stock market?

Have you ever heard anyone say ‘as safe as the stock market’? Most likely not. Residential property however is a much less risky investment, whilst still having the highest reward of the major asset classes. On a total returns basis residential property has been the best performing investment asset in the UK over most time frames over the past thirty years and there has been no five-year period showing negative total returns since 1973. This means investing into this particular market is not only an attractive opportunity but there is also an additional benefit: property investment coupled with the booming staycation marketplace.

The demand for quality UK-based staycation resorts has been growing rapidly since 2007, with many of these holiday resorts at maximum occupancy months in advance.


Tired of paying for an expensive flight with added seat, luggage, check-in fees…

Holiday makers are now trading in their foreign holidays for rural retreats in hidden gems all across the country. The beaches of Cornwall or the tranquillity of the Lake District are popular destinations of choice for those who would rather miss out on, what is often, stressful and costly air travel. Figures show that since Britain’s vote to leave the EU, a Eurozone holiday is pricier, costing a family of four £245 more than before. It’s no wonder travellers are seeking out what Britain has to offer – a study showed that a Brit believes they save £1000 by not venturing abroad. Patricia Yates, Director at Visit England, said: “Britain looks particularly good value at the moment because of the value of the pound. Beach and countryside holidays are growing in popularity and are helped by the rise of glamping and AirBnB.”.

This trend is only just taking off – 7.3 million people have already chosen to not leave the country on their breaks this year. Additionally, research by predicts an extra 2.5 million will opt for a ‘staycation’ again next year too. People are loving the ease of holidaying on home turf with so many unique destinations being just a drive away. Say goodbye to online checkin, long queues and bus journeys – 49% say a staycation is easier to organise.

Lodge Holidaying

Don’t think ‘holiday’, think ‘luxury escape to your very own private slice of bliss’.

Picture this: You’ve had a long week at work. Your calendar is empty this weekend. You really need to recharge. Just an hour’s drive away is your chance to reboot. Would you take it?

With such versatility, a lodge holiday can cater to what most would need three holidays to achieve. Adventure weekend with climbing, hiking and swimming? You got it. Romantic getaway with open log fires, forest strolls and evenings in the hot tub? Done. Perhaps you want a bit of everything… take your pick. A lodge can cater to all.

Holidaying in a countryside lodge is the perfect setting to refresh and rejuvenate. With today’s pace of life such escapes are essential to our health. Surrounded by water views, the setting oozes serenity, immediately easing you into a state of calm. A lodge break refreshes both physically and mentally. Peaceful walks in serene settings improve mindfulness, which not only leave you feeling less stressed but are linked with actual decreases in cortisol (stress) levels. A recent study showed that 30 minutes walking a day could increase life expectancy by 8 years! Maybe catch up on reading? You could show those books some love in front of a crackling log fire. Top it all off later on with a relaxing evening in the hot tub under the stars (optional extra: a glass of bubbly!).

Have to take the family? Even better! There’s no reason why you can’t do all of the above too. There is tonnes of space and therefore endless opportunities for family-friendly activities.

Pet Friendly Holidays

Hate leaving them behind? There’s no need to!

Taking your furry friends on holiday is becoming a rite of passage for holidaymakers. Increasingly, owners are unwilling to spend the time or money seeking out a dog-sitter or kennels. According to The Telegraph, putting a dog in a kennel for two weeks can cost several hundred pounds, with rates doubling over Christmas and bank holidays. In stark contrast, it costs less than £200 to ensure a dog is chipped, vaccinated and has a passport for travel, most of which is a one-off cost.

When looking at the research, it is clear this trend is growing and will only continue to do so in line with the rise in ‘staycations’ where it is easier to holiday with a pet anyway. Currently, seven per cent of pet owners always take their cat or dog away. Meanwhile, 30% say they based their entire holiday on how suitable it was for their animal.

And why not? Not only is the financial cost of leaving them so high, but 25% of Brits say they have opted to stay at home rather than go away for fear of leaving their animals behind, the Telegraph reported. Therefore, the rise in popularity in ‘staycationing’ couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only is it better for your pet to holiday in a similar climate, but it is much less costly and stressful to put them in the car boot than prepare them for air travel. No issues with fiddly paperwork, packing their favourite foods, or worrying about the area or your accommodation’s suitability. Staycationing in Britain means prior area research is simpler, preparation is minimal and the animals have little to no problem adjusting to their holiday homes.

Staycation Lodge Future Plans

Carr Island
Holiday Lodge Resort

Under development: 27 lodges

Holiday Lodge Resort

North Yorkshire
Holiday Lodge Resort

South Devon
Holiday Lodge Resort

Holiday Lodge Resort

Holiday Lodge Resort

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