Cruise up the river, pop into the pub or have a glass of wine on the river bank… Sometimes taking a stroll along the river just doesn’t do it justice. You need more than that. That’s where river cruising comes in. A motorboat, designed for inland waterways is the perfect way to spend a day on the water. Granted, if adrenaline-junkie style water sports are more your thing, then this mode of travel may not be for you. But, keep reading if you fancy some peaceful, relaxing inland cruising. This mode of transport doesn’t have to be a transport at all but merely a sedate day (or weekend.) out. Your leisurely pace means you can enjoy the surroundings from a brand new perspective. You could moor outside a pub for lunch, stop a short walk from the shops or even just on the riverside to have some lunch on the riverbank. At Carr Island Holiday Lodge Resort there are river cruisers situated on the marina, from two persons to 6 persons, available to rent – so take a leisurely trip up the River Ancholme and explore the stunning countryside. The Leisure Marina “Staycation… Learning to relax at home”