S taycation holidays in the UK have been on the rise since the Brexit vote. Many reasons such as saving money with the exchange rate constantly fluctuating, to it being easier than flying abroad are some of the popular reasons. Recent flight delays and cancellations have meant that many holidays have been ruined for travellers heading overseas. However, this may not be the biggest reason for Britons opting to avoid popular destinations such as Spain and Portugal this year. Travel wristband brand Sea-Band discovered that families are choosing security as their main reason to stay in the UK for a holiday. The survey found that out of 1,500 people, one in five mums cited safety as a reason for choosing a staycation this year. Yet this number was slightly less after only one in ten dads admitted security was a factor in choosing a holiday. In light of recent terror attacks throughout countries such as France, Turkey and North Africa, it comes as no surprise. However, the falling of the pound post-Brexit has also been a factor in choosing to stay in the UK. The exchange rate has recently climbed to €1.138 after a tumultuous week. Health was also cited as a reason, such as sunburn, stomach bugs or travel sickness. And with confusion over travel insurance and EHIC health cards, it can be much easier for families to holiday in the UK instead. “One in five mums cited safety as a reason for choosing a staycation this year” Staycation boom: Britons opting for UK holidays due to THIS surprising reason STAYCATION holidays for Britons this year is on the rise, yet not for the reason you may think. Another factor behind the company’s British expansion is demand from UK customers, as “staycation” becomes more popular. “The domestic customer has always been an important part of our business mix, particularly in our portfolio outside of London,” says Mr Vincent. “In fact, it’s the most significant proportion of our business. It’s been growing well.” Bargain basement Britain? Despite “Brexit bounce”, the sharp increase in tourist numbers began before the sharp drop in the pound, and the industry says it isn’t relying on currency depreciation to increase numbers further. “We operate in a competitive global environment,” says VisitBritain’s Patricia Yates. “We will never be a cheap destination, we don’t want to be. We have to offer good value for the prices we’re charging,” she says. By KARA GODFREY for EXPRESS – 5 Jul 2017 http://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/825174/staycation-british-holiday-safety-terrorism